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Unfortunately at this time there is no "mutual recognition" for winder drivers from RSA or Zimbabwe. This applies within the States and Territories of Australia and New Zealand. JDC PTY LTD regards drivers from these countries as competent where training has been approved and conforms with the following.

"What has been done in the past is that, upon the Board being convinced that an individual has been licensed in RSA to drive winders and that the individual has had significant experience in the work (often tens of years as a driver), then a license has been granted with exemption from the requirement for further supervised experience within Western Australia. This means that all other requirements under our legislation have to be complied with (including passing an examination). The Board would then consider the granting of a certificate in the normal fashion.

As far as the board are aware, this has been confined to applicants from South Africa now resident in WA. The board is not aware of any applications from Zimbabwe. The Board would want to satisfy itself that appropriate standards apply to the granting of Zimbabwean certificates, as it has satisfied itself about South African applicants. At this date the board is not aware of the standards that apply in Zimbabwe, but would surmise that without significant detail about those standards and the way in which they are applied, the Board would be unwilling to extend the principle to such applicants".

The above was reproduced from material provided by The West Australian Winding Engine Drivers Licensing Board.

Employment of certified Australian winding engine drivers will be posted here when required